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New Toys!!!

  I just received a couple of new toys in the mail that I won on ebay.  I’ve always had an interest in the Polaroid land cameras (instant cameras with self-developing film), and after some research, have decided to start with two of the basic (and affordable) models of these cameras.

  The first is the Polaroid Land Camera 220.

  This one came with a great old school leather case, some partially used expired film, a flash, and some flash cubes.  Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, I opened up the battery compartment only to find that one of the leads had corroded.  Not the worst situation, it’s still possible that I may be able to clean it up and have it fully functional.  On the other hand, I’m thinking I may convert it to accept two AA’s instead of the more expensive and hard to find 4.5 volt.

The second one is a later model, the Polaroid land camera 440.

This one came with a crazy flash attachment (not sure that I’ll actually use this), and luckily the battery compartment is perfectly in tact.  Though Polaroid stopped making film a few years ago, Fuji still makes 100 series film that is compatible.  I just ordered a couple of packs online from Amazon (100 series color pack film, and the 3000B black and white).

  I can’t wait to shoot some pics with these.  Hopefully I’ll have some samples worth posting soon.

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